HVAC Spring Cleaning is Needed

Spring cleaning is not just for closet, it can be for your whole home. In the spring is the perfect time to do some maintenance on your furnace. Always make sure that the filter is cleaned on a regular basis. Spring is a great time to automatically remember to change it. The HVAC system can benefit from a spring cleaning. Make sure that you get on the list for upcoming maintenance for the air conditioner. Even though it is not time to use it, you will want it to work. By having it inspected, you will be able to turn it on, knowing it will work. Cleaning and maintaining your system now allows you to catch small problems. These could compromise your home’s comfort levels during the summer. After all, in the summer is a busier time to have the air conditioner inspected.

Clean filters

Clean filters keep the air in your home healthy and maintain an HVAC system’s efficiency. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the frequency of changing or cleaning your unit’s filters. If it’s been a while since you changed them, now is a good time for a replacement.

Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an energy saving tool that sets the HVAC unit to the ideal temperature throughout the day. You can set it to begin cooling your home just as you get off work. This will help it feel comfortable when you arrive. With smart thermostats, you can control the temperature from a smartphone or computer. You can purchase a programmable thermostat and it is simple to install. You can also contact us and we can install it too.

Spring cleaning benefits

Professional maintenance and inspections during the spring keep an air conditioner system running reliably and efficiently in the summer. HVAC tune-ups prevent unnecessary wear and tear. They also reduce the risk of an expensive breakdown. If you notice an issue with your HVAC system, make sure to contact us. Spring cleaning is the best way to improve the efficiency!