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Furnace Noises to Be Aware of

If your electric furnace is making loud rumbling noise, it is probably due to buildup of gas and delayed ignition. A common reason for the delay is having burners that are clogged with dirt. When your furnace finally lights, the gas build-up in the combustion chamber creates a loud bang or boom that reverberates throughout your home. There is an unbalanced air-to-fuel ratio. If there is too much air, or too little gas, this could be causing your gas to build up, leading to the resulting explosion.

Below, we highlight common noises furnaces make and where they come from.

Rumbling noise

A rumbling furnace noise can indicate a serious problem with your motor bearings, gas burners, or pilot light. A house-shaking rumbling on the other hand could be due to unburnt fuel in your combustion chamber that burns even after your furnace shuts off. If this is happening, then you could be putting your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Rattling noise

If you are hearing a rattling furnace noise before your blower turns on, this could be due to a cracked heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger is a serious furnace problem that should not be neglected. It is the number one cause of carbon monoxide leaks from your furnace. If you hear a rattling sound before your blower comes on, immediately turn your furnace off. If you hear a rattling sound after your blower comes on, this could be due to loose ductwork connections.

Furnace turning on

When your furnace kicks on, it is normal to hear a clicking sound. This is just your ignition clicking on. If, however, you hear excessive clicking, you may have a problem with your flame sensor. Over time, your flame sensor gets dust and debris buildup, which prevents proper operation. If your furnace clicks and clicks without ever coming on, this is most likely due to loose wiring. It could also be a leaky gas valve. Or if you hear a swooshing or swishing and then a click, this could also mean a leaking gas valve. A clicking and clacking sound before the blower turns on is a sign of trouble. It can indicate a crack in your heat exchanger, a very dangerous proposition. A leaking gas valve and cracked heat exchanger are serious issues not to be taken lightly. Make sure to contact us at (651) 504-1556 with any noise you hear, so we can inspect the furnace system for you.