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Changing the Furnace Filter Regularly

Having the filter replaced regularly is important. The average manufacturer’s guideline is every 90 days, or three months. This is a fairly good recommendation for most filter systems and homes, but in reality there are a lot of factors that can make a big difference in how often it is truly necessary to change them. The main focus should be placed on the family’s health and the efficiency of the furnace. The recommendation for when it should be changed is also based on how many family members live in the house, if you have pets, and if anyone in the home smokes.

Efficient Furnace

Everyone wants their furnace to run efficiently in order to keep your house warm and lower heating bills. Clean filters will help one achieve this. A sign that it is time to change the furnace filters is when you see dust piling up on the furniture surfaces. You may even notice dust particles floating in the air around the vents when the system is running, or a musty smell of dirt and dust.

If the furnace turning on and off more often than normal, it could mean that the filter is clogged and not allowing the unit to function properly. Filters should actually be pulled out at least once a month and checked. Look for signs of discoloration or layers of dust and dirt. You will eventually notice a regular pattern of how often they need changing. One definite time to change the furnace filters is at the start of the heating season.

Clean the filter

Homes where the residents suffer from breathing problems will need their furnace filters changed more often. Those with asthma, allergy sufferers, or COPD patients in the house will notice these family members having clogged nasal passages when the filters are dirty. It is essential to change the filters more often in these situations. Homes with pets will also realize their filters need more frequent changing. Pet dander can get stuck within the dirty furnace filter and end up being recycled throughout the house. This can lead to cold like symptoms for those living in the home.

Inspect regularly

Once you have done a monthly check of your furnace filters in your home for a full year, they will be clean. You will be able to have a better sense of when to change them. Homes with pets will need the furnace filters replaced more often. Those with large homes will find it needs done less often. This is due to the fact that there is more room for the air to circulate. No matter what your situation is, routinely changing the furnace filters. This will leave you with a cleaner, more cost effective home. Make sure to contact us and we can check the filter for you and recommend when it should be changed.