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Ways to Improve the Air Quality in your Home

Air quality should not be ignored! There are several things you can do to help keep the indoor air clean this winter. The first way to help keep your air quality at the highest level is to clean regularly. Reducing dust through regular dusting and vacuuming is key to preventing allergen build up. First, dust with microfiber cloths moving from top to bottom in the home. Next, vacuum with a HEPA filter vacuum to ensure you are actually removing dirt and allergens and not just moving them around. Another great way to reduce dust is to remove your shoes when you enter the home.

Change the filter

Also remember to change the air filter in your home regularly. If you have serious allergy problems, consider investing in a HEPA air filter. The filter is designed to help capture dust and dirt that could be in your home. With use, the filter will become clogged. By changing it regularly, you can help increase the efficiency of the air that movies through there. Another thing to do is make sure the ductwork is clean. If you are using your home’s heating or cooling system, all of the air you breath passes through it. Wintertime compounds the problem because not only is the heating system running most of the time, we want to keep doors and windows closed to keep the heat in. Cleaning the ductwork will ensure that the any accumulated dust, mold, and allergens are removed from the HVAC system and can even improve the system’s performance.

Indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is particularly poor in the winter because we are less likely to open windows and air the home out. Airing the home out is the best way to improve air quality. One way to air the home out without losing too much heat is ten minutes before leaving the home for the day, quickly open all exterior doors and at least one window in each room. Let the home air out for at least 5 minutes. Securely close all doors and windows. Set the thermostat to your preferred indoors temperature, it should be back up to your preferred temperature when you get home. Air your home out at least once a week in the winter. This can help keep the air in your home fresh and clean.