Preventative Maintenance for your Air Conditioner

Regular air conditioner preventative maintenance keeps your air conditioner running efficiently and can save you money on your energy bills. But is it really worth the cost? If you are not sure that your air conditioner needs to be maintained, chances are that it will. Make sure to contact us and we can inspect the system for you. Making sure the equipment tuned up and ready for the hot days ahead with air conditioning preventative maintenance is imperative not only for your comfort and peace of mind, but also for the reliability and longevity of your system.

Electrical Problems

We can inspect all wiring and electrical connections. We will also fix loose connections and worn wires before they cause a power loss that takes out your air conditioner. Any electrical issue you notice, it is best to contact us. We can inspect it and repair it as soon as possible for you.

Coil Issues

Your air conditioner has evaporator coils. Their purpose is to remove the heat from the air and release it outside. When the coil gets coated with dirt and grime, it cannot effectively transfer heat. That makes your system work harder and run longer to cool the space. The increased load for the fan motor and compressor can cause them to fail. Cleaning the coils as part of air conditioning preventative maintenance before the start of the season.

Poor Refrigerant Charge

Refrigerant is the substance running through the coils that removes the heat and humidity from the air. Sometimes holes or cracks in the refrigerant lines can develop. Thus causing the system to leak refrigerant. When that happens, your system gradually loses cooling power until it can’t cool your space at all. If we find a reduced level of refrigerant, we can fix the leak before you even realize you have a problem. If you ever notice an issue with your system, make sure to contact us. We can inspect and repair it for you.