Change the Filter when Recommended

Remember to change the filter when it is recommended, or when it becomes clogged. If you are unsure how often that should be, you can contact us and we can advise you the proper schedule. Having a clean filter helps the overall performance of the furnace, improves the air quality, and will help to lower monthly energy bills. This is true whether your system is a combined heating and cooling system, or one that just provides heat. If your system has a clogged air filter, its efficiency will be affected, and changing the filter will rectify that problem.

In addition, a clogged air filter means the system has to work harder, and this puts extra stress on the parts within the system. That extra stress will reduce the life of the parts. If the system comes under too much stress, it may fail completely, resulting in costly repair fees.

The different types of filters used in HVAC or warm air heating systems remove many impurities from the air, improving the air quality in the process. Impure air can carry many pollutants such as pollen and excessive dust, both of which can affect the health of vulnerable people. If the filters are damp, this may lead to the growth of fungi or molds. The spores of these organisms will then be circulated with the air. Inhaling these spores is a known health risk.

Even if your filter seems to be clean, you should still replace it at the intervals your manufacturer has recommended. You may think that you are saving a few cents by using a filter until it is visibly dirty, but this is a false economy, as you will be actually paying more on fuel used when the system is not running at maximum efficiency. There are many types of filters available, and you need to replace old ones with the same type. Using the wrong type can damage your system, or cause it to work less efficiently.

Remember to never operate your HVAC system without a filter in it. This can cause the dust and dirt to travel into the system and cause damage to parts in it. You may also want to inspect the ductwork to ensure it is clean from any dirt or debris. By having a clean filter and ductwork, the air should be able to move more efficiently through it.