Having an Efficient Furnace

Keeping your home warm and comfortable this winter is important. You will want to make sure that the furnace has been inspected and is well maintained in order to do so. If you do not have us inspect it, there could be an issue that will gradually get worse with time. There are some things you can check and do on your own to help ensure the furnace is well maintained. You can also have an efficient furnace. When you have an efficient furnace, you can benefit from how it performs.

The first thing to inspected is the filter. The filter located at the air return of your furnace pulls in more than air. It also sucks up dust and other airborne debris, which can clog the filter. A furnace has difficulty pulling in air to reheat if the filter is partially blocked, which in turn requires it to work harder and longer to pull the air through the system. Changing the filters once a month will keep this from being an issue.

Adjusting the temperature on the thermostat to a lower setting will allow the unit to take more rests and work less often, which conserves the most energy. Consider lowering the temperature even more in the evening when you are in bed and under covers. Adjust it down when you are out of the house for long periods. If you like coming home to a warm house and do not want to wait for it to heat up, invest in a programmable thermostat.

You might think your furnace is running just fine, but that does not mean that it cannot run better. Call us at least once a year to give the unit a checkup. We can inspect the furnace, filter, ductwork, and thermostat to ensure they are working efficiently and at top performance levels. Anytime you notice an issue with the furnace, make sure to contact us so we can inspect it for you.