Having your Air Conditioner ready for Summer

Now is the perfect time to inspect the air conditioner and other parts of your HVAC system. We can inspect the system so that it will be working properly when the hot, humid summer weather arrives.

The air conditioner system controls and thermostat should be checked regularly. By doing so, the starting cycle will be inspected so it is working properly. It can also help your home to stay cool and comfortable, while also saving energy and money. We can also tighten the electrical connections and lubricate the moving parts of the HVAC system. Poor electrical connections can reduce the life of the components of the unit. If the operating system is not efficient, it can increase the amount of electricity you use.

The condensate drain should also be inspected so it is working properly. A plugged drain or pipe cause water damage, as well as affecting the humidity levels in your home. The evaporator coils should also be cleaned. Dirty coils can reduce the system’s ability to cool the home, so it has to operate longer. This will then lead to higher energy bills. The longer operating times can also reduce the life of the system and increase the amount of energy it needs to operate.

Also remember to inspect and change the air filter on a regular basis. If the filter is dirty, it will reduce the efficiency of the system and increase costs. When the air conditioner operates, dirt and dust from the air will get captured in the filter. When it becomes clogged, the air cannot pass through the filter effectively. This can add extra strain and stress to the unit over time.