Signs of a Poor Furnace

Keeping your furnace properly maintained is important. This will allow your home to be warm during the cold winter months. It is also beneficial to know when to replace the furnace before it becomes more costly and also unsafe. A furnace that is well maintained can heat the home without having to use large amounts of energy.

If you notice an increase in the monthly heating bill, it could mean that the furnace is starting to go out. They can often lose their efficiency as they begin to age. This is especially true if they have not been properly maintained. This could then result in your furnace running longer and harder in order to provide the same amount of heat.

Another way you can notice if the furnace is in need of replacing is by any noises it might make. Old furnaces will often start to make some sort of strange noise when it operates. This is especially true for when it nears the end of its life. Any noises like banging, rattling, or squealing should be a sign of concern. Another sign you might notice is if you hear the furnace blower running excessively. It may also turn on and turn off frequently. There could be another sign that it will blow cold air at times.

Old furnaces can also lack the ability to provide moisture to the air in your home. You may notice that your home feels stuffy or stale. Clogged filters can also cause poor air quality in the home. The filters collect dirt and pollutants that are in the air. It is important to inspect the filters regularly to ensure proper airflow is happening for your furnace and ductwork. Poor quality air could lead to allergy or asthma suffering. If you ever notice any issues with the furnace, make sure to contact us at (651) 504-1556 as soon as possible so we can inspect them for you.