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Keeping the HVAC Unit well Maintained in your Home

By having the HVAC system inspected on a regular basis, you can ensure that all the parts and components are working at top performance levels. This will help keep the system lasting as long as possible. If a part starts to fail and is not fixed, it could cause a more costly repair. It may also make other parts of the system wear out sooner than it typically should. When you start to notice an issue, make sure to call us as soon as you can. Noticing an issue at the first sign can help you to save time, money, and stress in the long run.

The Air Filter is Important

When a regular inspection is done on the HVAC system, one part to inspect regularly is the air filter. The filter is needed in order to capture dirt, dust, or other pollutants that are in the air of your home. Make sure to never run the HVAC system without a filter installed. This could allow for dirt to pass through the system. As it passes through, it can do damage to the working parts and gears of the system. This would require additional repairs to be done to the worn parts. Inspecting the air filter can also keep the air in better condition and make breathing easier. If you or your family suffers from asthma or allergies, having a clean air filter can improve your health. Make sure to check the filter regularly and when recommended, the filter should be changed. If you are not sure how often to change the filter, make sure to contact us.

Inspect the Ductwork

Besides checking the air filter, also remember to have the ductwork in the home inspected. The ductwork is needed to keep the air that is produced by the HVAC system moving to the different rooms of your home. Make sure to schedule a duct cleaning. This will help remove any dirt or dust build up that is in the ductwork system. If you notice that the airflow is not as strong as it used to be, debris and dirt could be blocking the air. Properly removing the dirt and pollutants will help keep the air in your home at the best quality, as well as reducing strain on the HVAC system.