Cleaning the Air Filters in Your Home

To help keep the air in your home in the best condition possible, make sure to check the air filter on a regular basis. When it is recommended, the filter should be changed. If you are not sure how often this should be, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on the correct schedule and also offer filter inspections.

The purpose of the filter is to collect dust, dirt, and pollutants that are in the air. It is important to remember not to run the furnace without a filter. The dust and dirt will cover parts of the furnace and lead to faster wear and tear. This can lead to further issues and costly repair bills. There are some signs you might notice if the filter needs to be changed or replaced. One way is if you notice the set temperature is not the same as the actual temperature in your home. This could mean that the furnace is working harder to produce the air that it needs to. As the filter becomes clogged, it will get harder for the air to pass through more efficiently. If you notice dirt and dust collecting on it, then make sure to change it. If you are not sure what type of filter to use, contact us and we can advise you on the options.

Proving clean air in your home is important for you and your family. If anyone suffers from allergies or asthma, having the cleanest air possible is recommended. Besides inspecting and cleaning the air filter, you may want to invest in an air purifier or air cleaner for your home. This will help remove some pollutants from the air, and keep it as clean as it can. No matter what your indoor HVAC needs are, make sure to contact us at (651) 504-1556 so we can recommend the best option for your home.