Ductless Air Conditioning is an Option

Most people are familiar with the standard heating and air conditioning systems, which require ductwork to be installed throughout the building’s attic space, allowing the air to pass through to the desired room. Thanks to innovations, ductless air-conditioning is making its way into homes and businesses everywhere and is expected to make ductwork in smaller buildings almost a thing of the past. The system is not unlike that of the traditional forced air systems and has several advantages in its favor, as well. Make sure to contact us and we can advise you what system would be best to use. This way you can make sure your home is cool and comfortable.

Why Ductless Systems Work

The ductless air conditioner is comprised of two main parts, which are the inside and the outside units. The inside unit is small and can be mounted to a wall or ceiling, and these units are often placed in more than one room. Two lines are run to the small outside unit, one for electricity and the other for condensation removal. The indoor unit functions to remove the warm air from the room while enveloping the area with cool, comfortable air from the outside unit. This type of cooling is called evaporation because it draws and cools the air over a water-saturated membrane. Although this type of cooling is not always recommended for areas that are trying to control humidity, ductless units are compatible and owners can add humidifiers to these rooms and achieve the same level of comfort without losing the humidity.

The Advantages of Ductless Systems

Each indoor unit has its own thermostat, so placing one each in various rooms throughout a building allows individual temperature control in each room. This alone significantly reduces an owner’s energy costs by allowing only the rooms that are being used to be cooled. The smaller, more compact units are easy to install, and the number of air conditioning and repairs specialists trained to install them properly is growing. Another advantage, especially for homeowners, is how quiet the units are when on. Someone could be standing only a few feet away and not hear the outdoor unit running, and the indoor units are equally as quiet. While they may be more expensive to purchase and have installed over central air units, the amount of money saved running these units will meet and exceed any installation costs in the long run.

Know what Brands to Choose From

Considering this is likely the future of the air conditioner, many new home constructions are already incorporating these into the structure’s plans. Similarly, older homes that were built before the invention of the air conditioner and do not already contain central air systems will benefit from ductless air conditioner’s smaller units and ease of installation. More and more home and business owners are taking the ductless route because they are simply sleeker, more attractive and significantly less costly to run. It will keep you cool in the summer heat.