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Do you Need a New Air Conditioning Unit?

As summer approaches, you will want to inspect the air conditioner. If the system is old and requires a lot of repairs, it may be more cost-efficient to invest in a new air conditioner. If you notice any issues, make sure to contact us because we can inspect the air conditioner and HVAC unit and alert you to what the issue might be. Maybe your unit just needs a good cleaning or a new filter. There are a few things that you can look out for in order to get a good idea if it should be replaced or not. Replacing an older air conditioner can often have a long list of pros, such as getting a newer warranty, providing more efficiency in terms of energy, and the parts will be new, meaning no repair calls will be needed down the road. While air conditioning and repairs can be expensive, replacing an air conditioner today can often save you more money down the road since the contractor won’t consistently have to come out to your home.

How Old the Air Conditioner Is

Experts often state that if an air conditioner is over the age of fifteen, it is time to at least consider a replacement. Since older models often aren’t efficient, energy bills can quickly pile up. Older air conditioners often need parts that may be hard to find. Throw in the contractor’s initial fee, the parts bill and most can see why repairs can often add up fast. By purchasing a newer unit such as one that provides geothermal heating and cooling, owners can often see a twenty percent difference in their energy bills.

The Thermostat not working Properly

An inefficient air conditioner often cannot get rid of the humidity in a room. If you are finding that a room isn’t what it should be in terms of cooler temperatures, the compressor within the unit could be going bad. Homeowners that often don’t provide programmable thermostats often find that an air conditioner will have to work twice as hard since they won’t be turned off during inactive times. Besides the temperature, check for dust in the air as older units can often push dust through the vents. If this is the case, an air cleaner may be required in order to keep the air around you healthy.

The SEER number is Important

Take a look at your air conditioning unit and look for the SEER number. This is also known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This number can be found on the side of your air conditioning unit. If the number is below a 10, it’s probably time to highly consider a replacement. Air conditioner units today often require a minimum rating of at least a 13. While these numbers may not mean much to you, the difference between a few numbers could be a significant amount of savings throughout the year. Replacing an older air conditioner can often have many benefits.