Improving Home Comfort Year-Round

Often times it is believed that the process of improving your home and living conditions needs to be a painful, costly struggle. This need not be true. There are several easy ways you can enhance your indoor air quality and cut down on air conditioning costs by repairing and cleaning your ventilation systems, adding new energy efficient features to your home, and making or breaking a few personal habits.

Ventilation can Improve the Quality in your Home

There is a system of airflow in your home that needs to be maintained in order to efficiently increase your indoor air quality. Any gaps or interruptions in that system can create unpleasant effects to your home comfort. Leaks in your home may cause extreme seasonal temperatures to invade your otherwise comfortable environment. Check for such leaks around doors, windows, and exit points for air conditioning equipment. Some of these leaks are easily fixed by simply applying some caulk. This will also help to ensure that none of your heated or air-conditioned air will be escaping into the weather, preventing your heating, cooling, and finances from being overworked. You may also want to look into cleaning your ventilation and air ducts. A long build up of dust and grime can lead to lower airflow quality and a general stagnant feel to your home environment. Many of your local heating and air conditioning providers offer professional duct cleaning services that will improve your overall indoor air quality and home comfort.

Deflect the Heat During the Summer Months

One way to give your air conditioners a bit of a break during the summer months is to make your home as resistant to hot summer sun as possible. Here are a few methods of reducing the incoming solar heat, but remember there are many other methods not listed here, maybe ones that have not even been thought of yet. Notice what side of the house the sun is facing during the hottest point in a day. Now pull the blinds and shades on that side of the house, so the sun does not get a free pass to heat up your house. Depending on how much money you want to spend and on how long you are willing to wait, you can plant trees on that side of your house to provide cool shade for you and your family. Another way of deflecting the sun’s heat is to paint your home with light colors that will deflect heat away from your home more than it would if it is painted with darker colors.

Improve Habits to Keep your Home Cool

There are a lot of things in any given home that generate heat: ovens, lights, computers—those are just a few examples. If you truly want to save on your electric bill, why not try some simple habits that can be practiced daily. Turn off lights whenever you leave a room. Do the same for household electronics. Also, try making a habit of grilling outside for your summer meals. Ovens generate a lot of heat, forcing your air conditioner to work extra hard to bring your temperature back down to your usual home comfort level.