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Why Having a Programmable Thermostat can be Beneficial

One way to help reduce costs in your home is to invest in a programmable thermostat. Installing a programmable thermostat can help keep the home at an ideal temperature when you are in the home. By investing in a programmable thermostat, you can lower the temperature when you are not there. This reduces the amount of heat that is produced and wasted. It can also help to save on monthly energy bills. This is because you can program the thermostat to reduce the amount of time it operates when you are out of the home. There are also several options you have to decide which programmable thermostat would be right for you. Make sure to contact us and we can recommend the right kind of thermostat for your home.

Less Energy will be Wasted

One of the biggest benefits for having a programmable thermostat is that it can help you to save money each month. This is because you will be able to set the thermostat for when you are in the home. It is then programmed in so it can repeat this schedule. This can reduce the chance that you forget to turn down or up the thermostat. Having the furnace operate when you and your family are out of the home can waste heat that is produced. Instead, you can lower the thermostat and then program it to raise the temperature before you arrive home. This can help to decrease the monthly energy bills, as well as keeping your home at a comfortable level.

Different Types of Programmable Thermostats

There are several different models of programmable thermostats you can choose from. We can advise you on the differences between the types. We can also help to recommend which one would be the right one for your home. The five-one-one model has Monday through Friday set the same. Saturday is set differently, as well as Sunday at a different setting. The five-two model has Monday through Friday at the same setting. Then Saturday and Sunday are another setting. There is also a seven day model where each day can be set separately from one another. Depending on your work schedule and lifestyle, one of the programmable thermostats would be best for your home. There is also a vacation setting on the thermostat for if you are away for several days.

Make sure Regular Maintenance is done

One of the best ways to keep the programmable thermostat operating, as it should is to make sure that maintenance is done on a regular basis. By having regular maintenances done, we can inspect it for if any issues are occurring when the thermostat operates. If you notice the actual temperature is different than the set temperature, make sure to contact us. This could mean that there is a miscommunication from the thermostat and HVAC system. We can also inspect the ductwork to ensure that there are not any cracks or caps that could cause the air to leak out. Regular maintenance can help improve the efficiency and life of the HVAC system.