Ultraviolet Air Cleaners Can Be Beneficial

Having good quality air in your home is important. On occasion, the ventilation system will not be enough to ensure that you are getting fresh and healthy air circulating throughout your living space. This happens over time as particles build up in parts of your home, which then are circulated through your ventilation ducts to the rest of your home. This can compromise the indoor air quality. One method of combatting this problem is to have us clean out the ducts on a regular basis. This will get rid of the source of the problem, and should always be one of the main defenses against bacterial build up. Also remember there is another way to combat the problem on a daily basis, so the air in your home remains clean in between the scheduled duct maintenance. This newer method comes in the form of ultraviolet air cleaners. This a device that destroys the harmful particles in the air as it circulates throughout your home.

How Air Cleaners Work

Other more traditional air cleaning systems use filters to remove the bacteria and other harmful particles from your air as it circulates. The problem with this style is that any filter will need to be changed after a certain amount of time has passed. If it is not changed, your indoor air quality will be lowered considerably, also potentially lowering the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. The ultraviolet air cleaner does not use filters at all. Instead it harnesses the power of ultraviolet rays to destroy dangerous particles and bacteria that pass through it. In this way, ultraviolet air cleaners do not require the same amount of maintenance that ordinary filter based air cleaners do, providing home comfort through a consistently safe indoor air environment.

Ultraviolet Air Cleaner Benefits

Having an ultraviolet air cleaner can be beneficial in your home. One thing that they do not require is airflow to continue to be effective. This is unlike traditional filter based systems, which means your home’s air will still be cleaned even while your furnace or is not running. One of the problems with ultraviolet air cleaners that may be equivalent to changing filters is the need to replace the ultraviolet bulbs, since over time they become less effective. Make sure to contact us and we can advise you on your best option to improve the air in your home.

Regular Maintenance can Increase Efficiency

With ultraviolet air cleaners, you may want to use them in conjunction with another air cleaning system. This will ensure that you will be able to remove as many unwanted particles from the air as possible. Ultimately it depends on your living conditions and what you need to keep out of your air, especially if you have asthma or a particular allergy. If you have any questions regarding ultraviolet air cleaners and are wondering if it is a good investment for you, call us at (651) 504-1556 and we can recommend the best air cleaner for you and your home.