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Four Things to Help Maintain Your Furnace

In order to help keep the furnace system working at the best performance levels, make sure to have it maintained on a regular basis. This can help notice if any parts or components are wearing and need to be replaced. If we detect that a part needs to be replaced, we can recommend what your best option would be. It is important to remember to notice an issue that is forming between visits. Call us as soon as you can so we can inspect the furnace system for you. Keeping your furnace in optimum condition will keep your indoor air quality at a comfortable and healthy level. There are four things you should remember when you are performing your inspections.

Follow the Recommendations for Your Furnace

There are manufacturers that produce furnaces and each manufacturer will have parts for their furnaces that are unique to them. They have their own plans of how their furnace is to be maintained. Parts of one brand of the furnace may be located in a different area than on another brand of furnace. You should take time to read the manufacturer required maintenance schedule that is recommended in the product manuals. The manuals will show you how to perform the cleaning, which parts should be moved and how to move them, and where to locate and how to replace parts that can be replaced by you.

Remember to Inspect and Change the Filter

When you are inspecting your furnaces, do not forget to check the filter. The filter can get clogged and that can decrease your indoor air quality. Dust and dirt can be released into the air and it can be a serious problem for people with breathing conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema. It could also trigger allergy attacks to those who are sensitive to dust, pollen, and pet dander that could be circulating through your home. A dirty filter can also make your furnace work harder than it needs to, causing your fuel costs to rise. This can also cause more wear and tear to parts of the furnace. To lower fuel costs and see real energy savings, make sure you keep to a regular schedule of filter changes for your furnace.

An added Humidifier can Help

If you have a humidifier in your home, you should also inspect it and change or clean the filter. The humidifier is important to the indoor air quality and improving home comfort. If the humidifier is not working properly, it could release too much moisture in the air that can cause damage to your home such as mold and mildew, which could lead to lung infections and fungal respiratory problems. It could release too little moisture, which could also cause damage to your home and affect your health, especially if you have breathing difficulties.

Do not forget to Check the Ductwork

The ductwork is part of your HVAC system and should be maintained as well. Duct cleaning will make sure that the heat that is produced by your heater is allowed to flow freely throughout your home to maintain home comfort. Keeping your ventilation and ductwork clean will also keep your furnace from overworking and using extra energy. It is important that you check to make sure that you do not have any leaks around the seams and that there is no accumulating moisture or cracks. By contacting us at (651) 504-1556, we can inspect the ductwork system for you.