Keep the Air Conditioner in the best condition possible

To help have cool and comfortable air in your home this summer, you will need the air conditioner to be in the best condition possible. Make sure that it is inspected on a regular schedule. By having it maintained, you can help ensure that parts are working efficiently and effectively with one another. When inspecting the system, it is recommended that a professional do this. We will be able to look at areas that you may have forgotten about. All areas of the air conditioner will have to be inspected so they are clean and clear of any debris. A build up of dirt or dust can cause poor efficiency and airflow through the air conditioning system. If you notice an issue between inspections, make sure to contact us. This can help to prevent an unexpected breakdown with your air conditioning system.

The Filters need to be changed regularly

One of the most important parts to inspect on your air conditioner is the filter. The filter is designed to capture dust and dirt pollutants that are in the air of your home. By doing so, it can reduce the amount of contaminants that are in the air as well. When it is recommended, the filter should be replaced. This helps to make sure that it is clean and working efficiently when the air conditioner operates. If you are unsure how often the filter should be inspected or replaced, contact us. We can help to recommend a schedule that is best for your home. This can make for pleasant and more enjoyable breathing during the summer months. We can also advise you on what type of filter is ideal for your home.

The Outside Unit should be inspected

Along with inspecting the filter, the unit itself should be checked. The outside part of the unit will need to be inspected so it is able to run at top performance and efficiency. Gently remove any leaves, twigs, or debris that could be around the unit. This helps to improve the efficiency of the unit. Removing debris can also increase the airflow. When proper airflow is achieved, it will actually lower the monthly energy bills. This is because the system will not have to work as hard to produce the air required by the thermostat. An air conditioner that works efficiently can also reduce the chance of parts wearing out sooner than they should. If the unit has to work hard, so do the parts. This can result in more frequent and costly repair bills. At the first sign of an issue, make sure to contact us. We can inspect the air conditioner for any issues it might have. It can also help prevent other parts from wearing out quicker as well. If the issue is caught early enough, the repair bill will be less than if you would ignore the issue.

Inspect the Ductwork of the system

The ductwork should also be inspected. Over time dirt and dust can start to build up in it. This can cause the air conditioner to have less efficiency. You may also notice higher monthly energy bills. Contact us at (651) 504-1556 and we can inspect the ductwork to make sure it is as clean as possible.