Make sure your Thermostat is Efficient

Thermostats are what control the heating and air conditioning in your home. It is recommended to set the thermostats to a temperature closer to the one outside your house. This can result in the system working less and also helping you to save money. If you notice an increase in monthly energy bills, make sure to contact us. We can inspect the system for any issue it might have. This can help increase the efficiency of the system. A well-maintained system can also increase the life of it. A proper programmable thermostat can regulate the climate of your home. There are several different types of programmable thermostats. To make sure you know which one is right for you, contact us. We can recommend the right kind of programmable thermostat for you and your home. This can help reduce the chance of wasted cool air during the times you are not home. Not only can you change out your thermostat, you can also have someone install a hybrid system in addition to your already existing home heating and air conditioning system. Solar power and geothermal are two popular options that can make your home’s climate control system much easier to maintain and reduce monthly costs.

Choosing the Right Thermostat so it is efficient

Choosing the correct thermostat for your home comfort can depend on what type of system you have set up in your home. Radiant floor heating is particularly slow and therefore may require some adjustment to a compatible thermostat. If you have heat pump or electric baseboard systems, both of which are also contained sometimes in hybrid heating, you will need a specialized thermostat. Make sure that your thermostat has an Energy Star label. Energy Star compliance means that your thermostat will work to save you money. You should also make sure that your thermostat in question allows you to program each individual day of the week as well as each weekend day separately. If you are unsure of what type of thermostat to get, make sure to contact us. Based on your home and air conditioning system, we can recommend the best one for you.

Making Sure Your Thermostat is Installed Correctly

Your thermostat will be far from efficient if you happen to install it on an outside wall where the external temperature affects your home the most. You should also avoid walls with any ducts or moving air that comes in contact with the outside. Heating and cooling vents, direct sunlight, and cold drafts can also throw off your thermostat’s temperature gauge as well.

Programming Your Thermostat Efficiently

Having a programmable thermostat can help improve the efficiency of the unit, while also helping it to last as long as possible. This is because you can program the thermostat to operate when you are in the home. You can program the thermostat so the air conditioner will not run when you are at work. It can then be set to have a cooler temperature before you arrive home. This can also help to lower the monthly energy bills as well. If you notice that the thermostat is not working efficiently, make sure to contact us at (651) 504-1556.