The Importance of Cleaning the Ductwork

When the furnace is inspected, the ductwork should also be looked at. Look for any cracks or gaps that the ductwork might have. This can lead to heat leaking out and being wasted. Heat that is wasted can also lead to premature failure of parts of the heating system. This is because the furnace and other parts will have to work longer and harder to make up for the desired heat that the thermostat is set at. While the ductwork is inspected, it should also be checked internally. The ductwork should be clean and free of any dirt and debris build up. If you notice any issues with dirt in the ductwork, make sure to contact us. This way, we can set up an appointment to clean the ductwork in your home. This can help to lead to cleaner air, as well as a more efficient heating system.

Beneficial for your Heating System

Making sure the ductwork is cleaned can benefit the heating system in your home. It can help to ensure that the furnace is working and producing air as efficiently as possible. If the ductwork becomes clogged or dirty, the furnace will have to work longer and harder. Air that is produced can become stuck among the ductwork. If there are any cracks in the ductwork, this air can be lost through the gaps. If you notice a lack of heat being blown out through the registers, they could be clogged. Another sign there might be an issue with the ductwork is if you notice the air being blown out is cold. To help save on costs to the heating system, it is recommended to have the ductwork cleaned on a schedule. We can come and inspect the ductwork and advise you on a schedule at which this should be.

Better Air Quality for your home

If you or your family suffers from allergies or asthma, you can benefit from clean air ducts. This is because as the ductwork is cleaned, all dirt, dust, and debris will be removed. This can help to prevent issues with poor quality air. It can also help reduce any pollutants or contaminants that might be in it. This can help prevent spores and other allergens from being distributed throughout your home when the furnace is working. Since you spend a majority of time indoors, especially during the winter, it is important to have the best air quality possible. Make sure to have the ductwork inspected and cleaned based on a regular schedule.

Do not forget to inspect the Air Filters

Besides inspecting the ductwork, you will also need to clean the air filters. The filter helps to catch the dirt and dust that travels through the air. The filter should be inspected regularly to ensure it is still efficient. When recommended, the filter will need to be replaced. Without a clean air filter, it will be difficult to have the heat travel through the filter efficiently. This will cause extra strain and issues to the rest of the furnace. It can also cause the parts to wear prematurely.