Now is a good time to inspect the Furnace

After a long summer, the furnace will need to be inspected to ensure is runs efficiently and effectively for when you will need to use it. The last thing anyone would want is for the furnace to break down when it drops below freezing. In order to prevent this, a certain amount of maintenance and cleaning should keep your furnace in good working order as long as you continue to have scheduled checks by a professional. When we inspect it we can alert you to if any repairs are needed or if any issues have occurred.

Basic Furnace Inspections that should be done

Two of the most basic parts of your furnace you can check are the filter and the fan belt. After a year’s worth of work and a summer’s worth of sitting and building up dust, the filter may need to be changed. If this is the case, the replacement process should be as simple and easy as it is shown in your user manual. Checking the fan belt is as easy as feeling if the belt is loose. Checking these two things should be a simple way to increase the efficiency and lifespan of your furnace, thus creating much more home comfort for you during the upcoming winter months. You can also contact us and we can inspect the furnace for you.

Keep the heating system clean

After a long summer, it is not unreasonable to think that dust and clutter would find its way in and around your furnace. Take a day at the end of the summer to dust and vacuum out the furnace and its ventilation system. This will reduce the amount of dust that is circulating through your home when the weather gets cold. Your home will have a higher indoor air quality, which will help you to settle during the winter months. Any trash or potentially flammable items that have collected near your furnace should also be moved, not only to make the area less cluttered and more efficient, but also to help to prevent any possible fire hazards.

Having the Furnace professionally checked is important

An annual check up before winter is a safe and easy way to make sure your furnace will not be breaking down right when you need it. Having it professionally inspected can help to notice if there are any issues that might be starting to form. Machines will break down over time, and it would be to your benefit to make sure that does not happen at inconvenient times. With a proper inspection, we can help ensure the parts are working, as they should be. This can also reduce unnecessary wear and tear to parts of the heating system. The ductwork should also be inspected. This will help supply the heat that is produced, through the home efficiently. Nothing destroys home comfort more than when furnaces break down during the winter. Having the furnace inspected can help reduce time, money, and stress in the long run.