Improve the Indoor Air Quality in your home

One of the most important things to pay attention to whenever operating an air conditioning unit is the air quality inside of the home. One reason for poor indoor air quality can be compromised when ducts are not as clean as possible. Investing in duct cleaning can help in reducing any of the health problems that can occur whenever different kinds of bacteria have accumulated inside of the ducts. By removing any harmful particles that could be in the ductwork, you will be able to improve the air quality in your home. This can help to provide you with clean and enjoyable air.

How the Air Ducts are cleaned

Cleaning the ducts is a process that uses a lot of positive pressure. All of the dirt and bacteria is pushed at a higher rate than normal from the air handler and into the ducts. There are bags attached to all of the vents in the home which catch all of the dirt and bacteria rather than allowing it to go back into the home. Some technicians have remote units which go into the ducts and vacuum the ducts clean. These have an attached hose along with the guiding wires and a camera so they can be controlled while cleaning all of the ducts throughout the home.

Air Cleaners for the Home

After the ducts have been cleaned, it is important to make sure they stay clean as long as possible. This is possible by purchasing some air cleaners for around the home. These are set on the floor to clean the air in the room. They operate by using fans and electronic cleaning methods to clean the air. These feature an electrically charged plate that all of the dirt and bacteria are drawn to. To clean the filters, you simply run them under cool water. Some units also have HEPA filters you can use to catch many of the microscopic particles in the air that are causing the issues. You can also contact us and we can help recommend what is best for your home.

Ultraviolet Air Cleaners can be beneficial

If you want to have the cleanest air possible, consider investing in ultraviolet air cleaners. These attach directly to the intake vent for the home. As the air passes into the air exchanger, the unit will charge the air using ultraviolet light. The purpose is that the air is naturally cleaned because of the ultraviolet light. It allows the air to be cleaned without adding any heat to it and without having to have any additional cleaners in the home for you to trip over. The electricity for the unit operates off of the same power grid as the air exchanger, so that it will work any time that there is air passing through the ducts. It can help to quickly and efficiently clean the air for the entire home. If you need any recommendations, we can also help to advise you on the options.