Dust and Dirt can cause issues with the Furnace

Having a build-up of dust and dirt can be an issue. This is especially true when it comes to a well functioning furnace. If parts of the heating system have a lot of dirt and dust on them, it could lead to issues. Some components may have more stress and strain on them than what is necessary. This can lead to the parts needing to be repaired or replaced sooner than they should. It may even result in a costly repair bill to be fixed. Making sure these parts are clean can help the system to run efficiently and also longer. The most important thing to have done is make sure the system is well maintained. We can inspect the system thoroughly to ensure all the parts are working, as they should. Having routine maintenance done can help to prevent a wide variety of issues. We can even clean the dirt and grime off the components. This can help make sure the parts work effectively and smoothly with one another. Catching a small issue early is important because it can help prevent a larger issue from forming in the future.

Pilot lights and gas lines can be affected

Dust and dirt build up can also affect the operation of the furnace system. The pilot light ignites the gas in the combustion chamber. This is what provides the heat to warm the home. If the pilot light is too clogged with dirt and dust, it will cause the pilot light to fail when it should ignite. Other gas valves can also fail with time from a build up of dust and dirt. The dirt can also prevent the gas and air from mixing properly like it should. This can then result in a furnace that is no longer efficient. Over time, the monthly heating bills will go up.

The Coils can become dirty and worn out

The coils in the furnace system can be damaged over time from the dirt, debris, and dust. Some of the parts can start to wear out with time because of this. The heat pump and compressor coils are used along with the refrigerant to release heat through the system. If the coils become dirty, they will not be able to dissipate heat properly into the air. This will then reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of the parts, as well as the heating system. If you notice that the heater is not operating, as it should, make sure to contact us. We can inspect the parts and components of the heating system.

The Motor can be affected from dust and dirt

The dirt build up can increase the friction on several components. This is typically common for parts that move. The motor is another component that can become damaged from too much dirt or debris. One issue is the motor that runs the blower can become damaged and is overloaded. The more dirt that remains in these parts, the more stress it can cause by the friction. This can increase the chance of a breakdown with time. This could also lead to a costly repair bill if it is not fixed when it should be.

How to reduce dust from furnace 

Cheaper or incorrectly sized filters will be less effective at trapping dust. Make sure the filter is correctly sized and try using a higher quality filter like polyester, electrostatic, or HEPA filters. Cleaning air ducts, checking for gaps in ductwork, and adding an air filtration system are other ways to reduce dust.