How to prepare your Air Conditioner for fall

Getting your home and appliances ready for the fall and winter months can take a bit of time and preparation. As the air starts turning cooler, it is time to get the air conditioner unit put away for the winter. Depending on the type of air conditioning unit you have, it may be a simple or more involved task of maintaining it. We can also inspect and clean up the air conditioner for the fall and winter months. With proper storage, you can help reduce the chance of issues happening to your air conditioner, and you will be able to use it next summer. If you have a portable air conditioner unit, the maintenance is a simple procedure. All you need to do is detach the air conditioner, clean it, and place it away for storage. It is also a good idea to change the air filters if the unit needs it.

Have maintenance done at least twice a year

When maintenance is done on your home’s air conditioner, it is important to change out the filters on a regular basis. A clogged filter will result in the air conditioner not running as efficiently as possible. Before storing away the air conditioner for the fall, make sure all parts of it are clean and clear from debris. It is also a good idea to replace the filter. Having a professional clean the system in the fall should help keep the air in your home cleaner when the system might be needed. They can also inspect it over for any parts that have worn or been damaged.

Outdoor air conditioning units

If your air conditioning unit is located outdoors, you may need a little more time to prepare it for the months it will not be used. This all starts by switching the unit off. Make sure to remove all the debris and dirt that has gathered on or around the unit over the last few months. Removing leaves and debris can help to prevent a build up over the parts this winter. Consult the manual for your air conditioner, as some units need to be covered when they are not in use. If the air conditioner needs to be covered, place a plastic or vinyl cover over the unit. It should also be waterproof and designed to cover an air conditioner unit. Make sure it is secured on the unit so the cover will not blow away this fall or winter.

Maintaining your air conditioner is done year-round

Although the air conditioner unit may be cleaned up and stored away for the next few months, the job of maintaining it is not over. You will want to still check on the unit regularly to make sure that the cover is still in place, and no damage has been done to the unit itself. It also can be beneficial to brush off any debris like leaves, sticks, twigs, and eventually snow from the unit so there is not any excess weight on the air conditioner unit.