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Why the filter for your furnace is important

To help have your furnace running effectively and efficiently, it is important not to ignore the filters. It is recommended that you check the air filter on a regular basis. If the filters are clogged or dirty, make sure to clean or replace them. This can depend on what type of furnace and filter you have. Filters are important because of your health. This is because filters work to reduce the exposure to unhealthy air particles that may be present in your home. There are many types of air particles that we breathe in from our homes. It is estimated that indoor air is two and a half times more polluted than outdoor air. The issue with breathing in all the particles is that they can cause people to get sick. Besides the particles, dust is also a major thing to consider. This is a major allergen for many people that suffer from allergy or asthma. Filters are also designed to protect your furnace and fans. The better filter you choose to use, the better the furnace can hold up and will be able to last longer.

The Electrostatic Air Filter for the furnace

The electrostatic air filter is one of the most common air filters used in furnace systems. It uses static electricity to remove dust particles from the air. It can also have the potential to remove up to ninety seven percent of the allergens. This is a good choice of filter for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. It is also a good filter for those who want a very high level of air quality. The electrostatic filter needs to be cleaned often to ensure the efficiency of it. Another feature of the electrostatic filter is that it does not reduce airflow in the system. This is an important factor to ensure that the system works properly.

Pleated Air Filters

The best filter for typical air filtration is the pleated air filter. This type of filter is made with a material that is folded into pleats. It can also provide good airflow within the HVAC system. Unless you or your family suffers from severe allergies, a pleated air filter will do a sufficient job filtering the air. If you are unsure of what filter to invest in, we can help advise you on the options. We can also recommend which filter may be the best for your home and furnace system. This way the air you breathe in can be the best quality possible.

HEPA Air filter for the furnace

The HEPA air filters are a special type of pleated filters that are increasing in popularity. These are beneficial for those who want an even higher level of air quality for their families. This is because HEPA filters can remove almost all allergens that pass through the HVAC system and the air. The filter can also remove mold, pollen, and pet dander from the air. The main difference is that the HEPA filter has is there are more pleats per inch of filter.