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Investing in a programmable Thermostat

To help have your home more energy efficient this winter, consider investing in a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat is designed so it can be set at a certain temperature for different days of the week. It can also be set for certain times of the day. This allows it to increase the temperature and warm up your home before you arrive home. It can also lower the temperature in your home as you leave for work. By only heating the home to a comfortable temperature when someone is there, you can help save on monthly heating bills. It also reduces the amount of time the furnace needs to run, so it can help save on wear and tear of parts.

Different models of the programmable thermostat

There are several different kinds of programmable thermostats that can work according to specific programming needs. One choice is the seven-day thermostat. With these, you can set each day differently from one another. The five-two models allow you to set the weekdays separately from the weekend. The five-one-one model allows for a setting for the week, a setting for Saturday, and another setting for Sunday. This system is recommended for if you have a different weekend schedule than that of the week. You can program what time you want your home to increase or decrease the temperature on those specific days.

Programmable thermostat features

The programmable thermostats can come with several features. One feature is the vacation hold. This can help you to save energy and money while you are away. It can also warm your home back up to your ideal temperature before you return home. The thermostat could also come with a circulation fan mode. This allows you to operate the system’s fan in order to circulate and eliminate any stagnant air. Some may come with an automatic heating and cooling switch. This helps the thermostat to determine if it should begin the heating or cooling mode. The programmable thermostat may also come with the option to have a keypad lockout. This can help to set the controls so you are only one allowed to change the thermostat settings. We can also help to advise you on what options are the best for the thermostat in your home.

Knowing what kind of heating system you have

When searching for the right programmable thermostat, make sure you know what kind of system you have. There are several different kinds of systems. These could include systems that are a single stage, heat pump, line voltage, multistage, or heat only. Once you know which system you have, you can narrow down the choices of a programmable thermostat. This can help to ensure the thermostat can work with the specific system requirements. If you are unsure of the heating system you have, make sure to give us a call. We can help to identify the kind of HVAC system you have. We can also advise and recommend which programmable thermostat may be the best for the furnace, as well as the best for your home.