Energy Saving Tips to Make Your Air Conditioning More Efficient This Spring

Spring is an excellent time to think about booking a tune-up for your heating and cooling system, regardless of whether or not that’s a hybrid heating and cooling system, a solar heating and cooling system, or a heat pump. Even if your system is relatively new it still needs regular maintenance, and might even be subject to a manufacturer required maintenance schedule. It is a good idea to get a preseason tune-up before the summer really begins, and now is the best time to schedule it. It will ensure you benefit from maximum energy savings and maximum home comfort during the warmer months in spring and summer. You will save energy and money, and hopefully your system should last a lot longer and maintenance fees should be minimal.

Changing Your Air Filter Can Help

One thing to remember in between your regular services is to change your HVAC filters every month, especially when your system is operating at full capacity and is helping to keep you cool and comfortable during the spring and summer. Some filters can be washed, but a new filter should only cost a few dollars and is well worth the investment. Failing to change your filters regularly will mean your system has to work harder to pull air through dirty filters, something that will overwork your equipment and will almost certainly affect indoor air quality.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality Will Help Those with Allergies

Your indoor air quality is something you really need to be aware of even during the summer months, especially if members of your household are prone to allergies. Spring and summer are the top times for pollen production, and someone with a severe allergy can only gain relief through being in a nice cool, clean air conditioned environment.

Additional Things You Can Do to Help Increase Your Energy Savings

As well as maintaining your system, and making sure you are changing their filters when recommended, there are a few other things you can try to help increase your energy savings. During the warmer spring and summer months it can really help to keep an eye on the weather forecast. If you are forecast to have particularly sunny and hot weather, then closing the drapes or blinds will help deflect the heat of the sun, especially if you have South facing windows. You may also want to think about investing in solar film to try to cut down on the amount of summer heat passing through the glass. Installing a few fans at strategically located points in your home can also cut down the need to run your air conditioning constantly. It is worth remembering that every time you stop the temperature raising a single degree can save approximately 3% on your cooling costs which is a considerable energy-saving. It might seem a shame to block out the light of the sun, but it clearly can make a difference to how much money you need to spend on your pet conditioning. After a while you will find it becomes second nature to automatically close the blinds or drapes on a sunny day, and the benefits of having a cool and comfortable home are all the sweeter for being a little cheaper.