Could Infrared Heating Keep My Home Cozy and Warm?

If you’re looking around for a new heating system for your home, or perhaps a way of topping up your existing heating system then you may have thought about infrared heating. It’s an interesting way of heating your home as it produces a heating energy similar to the warmth we feel from the sun. This means it can penetrate the body more easily, helping to provide that warm and cozy feeling that’s so nice during colder parts of the year. It’s quite different from conventional forced air heating systems that only warm the air around you. The human body produces infrared heating, and this is one of the reasons why we feel more comfortable at certain temperatures during the summer than we typically do in the same temperatures during the winter months, as we radiate heat energy when we are warm inside.

The Advantages of Infrared Heating

Infrared heating produces heat waves that are invisible, and these warm up objects rather than the air. This means these objects will stay warm for quite a long time and will emanate heat back into the room. These objects warm up through radiant heat produced by the infrared heater, but this doesn’t require any physical contact between the two. The infrared energy waves will pass through the air until they hit a solid object they can warm. This can make it quite an economical way of heating a home. In comparison conventional heaters will just warm up the air, and if there are substantial temperature differences in the room this can even create drafts. The warmth produced by infrared heating will not circulate in the same way so there’s no chance of any drafts, and it will not stir up any dust in the room.

Is Infrared Heating Safe?

It’s a common misconception that infrared radiation isn’t safe for humans, but in fact the opposite is true. It works in a way that is very similar to the sun’s rays, but doesn’t contain any harmful ultraviolet. Infrared heating doesn’t emit any dangerous gases into the environment, and will not make your house feel stuffy or dusty. It’s a great way of helping to eliminate any cold spots in your home, and infrared heating can dry out walls very effectively reducing the chance of any mold growth. Infrared heating is sometimes used for medical purposes, so it is extremely safe for general use in the home!

Different Types of Infrared Heaters

There are lots of different types of infrared heaters available. Some of these can be mounted on the wall while others are freestanding, and you can even purchase infrared heaters that can be ceiling mounted, although these are most commonly used in garages and shops. Some are purposely designed to be quite portable, while others imitate a real fireplace. Most are relatively affordable to buy. The choice is huge, so it’s worth contacting a reputable installer to ask their advice. They’ll be able to let you know which type is most suitable for your home and your individual needs, and they’ll help you calculate the size of heater that will be most effective for keeping you warm and cozy.