How Can an Ultraviolet Air Cleaner Help Keep My Family Safe in spring?

Indoor air quality is something that everyone will be interested in improving and maintaining, as after all having fresh, clean air in the home is absolutely vital to good health. Indoor air quality can often be compromised through harmful pollutants, and the best way to improve it is obviously to try to either control or preferably eliminate these pollutants and to ventilate the home with clean, outdoor air. Air cleaning devices such as an ultraviolet air cleaner can be extremely useful in removing pollutants. Pollutants that can affect the indoor air quality include particulates such as pollen, smoke, dust, animal dander and the particles produced by dust mites, viruses and bacteria and molds. This category can also include particles produced by cooking appliances. Other pollutants can be gaseous, or they can be produced through building materials or furnishings, or introduced into the home through the use of products such as paints, cleaning products and pesticides.

Understanding How an Ultraviolet Air Cleaner Works

An ultraviolet air cleaner works through using ultraviolet light to destroy the pollutants found in the home. You may also hear these types of ultraviolet cleaners being referred to as being ultraviolet germicidal irradiation cleaners. They can be extremely effective at helping to remove airborne biological pollutants including allergens, bacteria, viruses and molds, as well as pollutants that live on the surfaces of your HVAC system. Pollutants are commonly found in drain pans or duct work, or they can be found on the cooling coils.

How much of an Effect can Ultraviolet Air Cleaners Have on Health?

There is little doubt that the installation of a good quality ultraviolet air cleaner will help to remove a lot of the pollutants and microorganisms in the air of a property. However if your family has a lot of symptoms due to allergies or is particularly sensitive and prone to conditions such as asthma, then an air cleaner may not eliminate all the symptoms. It should at least help to improve them, especially if used in conjunction with other methods of reducing airborne pollutants. Other things which can help include regularly dusting and vacuuming the home before the allergens have a chance to settle.

Additional Things to Consider About Ultraviolet Air Cleaners

One of the most important things to think about when considering installing an ultraviolet air cleaner is which company will carry out the installation. It does pay to pick a reputable and experienced installer who is able to offer advice over the best type of model and size of cleaner to adequately clean the air in your home. Some ultraviolet air cleaners have particular installation specifications that must be met in order for the appliance to work properly. Other things to take into account include the installation cost and the operating costs of the appliance. It will need regular maintenance in order to work properly and may need regular cleaning. These are all things your installer can advise you about when you select your particular model. This type of appliance is well worth considering for anyone who is worried about the air quality in the home, and who wishes to improve home comfort through reducing pollutants in the air.