Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Unless you are extremely lucky, then you are likely to have one or two spots in your home that are either too hot or too cold. There is little doubt that this can lower the levels of home comfort, and this can occur when your home is trying to cool down in summer or when it is trying to warm up in the cooler months of spring, fall and winter. Some people try to get around this problem by shutting up certain rooms, but this seems like a pointless option, as after all you do want to be able to use all of your space as and when you choose, while remaining at a comfortable temperature. This can cause additional problems if different members of the household begin fiddling with the thermostat to try to increase their own personal levels of home comfort. There is an answer, and it can be easier and cheaper than you might think to sort out this problem. You’ll increase everyone’s levels of home comfort, and you will probably save yourself some money into the bargain through enjoying greater energy savings and lower utility bills.

Fitting a Programmable Thermostat

Simply fitting a programmable thermostat to your existing heating and cooling system could solve all your problems of hot and cold spots in the home. These devices are sophisticated and affordable, and offer an easy fix to this common problem. Modern programmable thermostats can enable you to split your home into different zones. Each separate zone can then be programmed to provide the perfect temperature for the person who occupies that zone the most. These zones can be programmed further to be warmed or cooled at particular times of the day when the occupants are most likely to be home. Installing additional thermostats in these zones will ensure air conditioned air will be sent to the areas that require it the most, while in the cooler months your home will benefit from being comfortably warm for everyone.

Zoning Your Home for Increased Home Comfort

Of course not all homes will need extensive zoning. However this system could be useful if your home is spread across more than one story or if some of the living spaces include high, vaulted ceilings that can be very difficult to heat and cool. Other rooms that may suffer from this problem include those located in the basement, or those that have been built over garages.

Consult a Professional Installer

If you think your home could benefit from a programmable thermostat then it is worth consulting a professional installation firm. They will be able to correctly identify any problems you may have with hot and cold spots in your home, and will be able to suggest the correct zones to help eliminate this problem. They can also show you how to set up the programmable thermostat correctly, as many models can be adjusted to take into account daily routines, and will ensure you do not end up heating or cooling your home when there is no-one there to benefit. It is an easy and effective way of increasing your home comfort levels with the minimum of fuss and expense.