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Why inspecting the Ductwork is important

Inspecting the ductwork in your home should be done regularly. If the ductwork leaks out heat, you could be losing money each month. Even the smallest of cracks can cause large amounts of heat to leak out and be wasted. Typically, a home can lose up to twenty percent of the heat produced if the ductwork has leaks or gaps in it. Many people do not think to inspect the ductwork, but it is actually just as important as the furnace is. Besides higher monthly energy costs, you might experience and inconsistency in temperatures from one room to another. With inefficient ductwork, there can also be rooms that become stuffy and even uncomfortable.

The importance of Ductwork in your home

The ductwork can have a significant impact on the home’s comfort. It also affects the energy efficiency and performance of the heating system. If there is a crack in the ductwork, there is a chance that the heat escapes and goes into crawl spaces, behind walls, or even outside. Since it is meant to be distributed throughout the home, it is important to try and keep it there. The ductwork should also be cleaned regularly. This way you can help prevent dust and debris from being distributed throughout the home as heat is blown through. We can come to inspect the ductwork of your home to ensure it is running efficiently for when it needs to be.

Inspecting the ductwork could mean saving money

When the air is escaping out of the ductwork system, it also means that money is being wasted. Duct sealing can help you to save money on monthly utility bills. It can also help to prevent wasted energy and heat. If the heating system needs to work harder to make up for the lost heat, it could lead to wear and tear on the heating system. This can result in premature wearing and replacing of parts.

Proper ductwork can help lead to a safe home

A proper working ductwork system can help improve the safety of your home. Under normal operation, gas appliances like the furnace or water heater, will safely release combustion gases such as carbon monoxide. This is typically through the ventilation of each system. A leaky duct could cause back drafting. This is where the hazardous gases are drawn back into the ductwork and then distributed throughout your home. It is important to prevent this by having the ductwork inspected regularly.

The indoor air quality is important

If you have gaps or cracks in the ductwork, it results in air being leaked out. This means that not only does the heat escape the ducts, but other things can enter the ductwork as well. Fumes from household or other chemicals can enter the ductwork. This could be insulation particles, dust, or pollutants. They could then be circulated throughout the home. Having the ductwork inspected to ensure it is sealed can help to alleviate the pollutants and dust. It can also help to prevent uncomfortable and stuffy rooms in the home. We can inspect the ductwork for you so you can increase the chance for better quality for you and your family.