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No matter what the weatherman says, your home can be comfortable year round. Controlled Air Plumbing·Heating·Cooling makes sure your air conditioning system is running well, fighting off the heat and maintaining a controlled climate indoors.

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What Are Common Problems With AC Units?

Two occasions that often result in damaged AC units are late in the summer and the transition at the end of spring. Without preventative maintenance before the arrival of summer, an AC unit may not be prepared for the heavy stress of sudden use. Similarly, late in the summer an air conditioning system will begin to fail if the unit was not checked for potential issues. Minor problems that are never addressed earlier in the year will only worsen without appropriate attention.

You might need us to service your air conditioning unit if you notice any of the following problems:

  • Loud banging coming from the unit, even when the AC is not running
  • AC blowing a temperature that doesn't match your thermostat's reading
  • AC will not turn on
  • High utility bills
  • Unit older than 10 years
  • Rooms being cooled at different rates

Zoning Issues With Your AC?

One of the most common problems we address when it comes to AC units is uneven cooling from room to room. It can be especially frustrating to have an unused room running colder than the rest of the house. Sometimes this problem is caused by a blocked or clogged duct. Zoning allows you to individually cool each room, rather than having to cool the whole house at once.

Having your AC unit checked yearly can help protect the whole system from costly repairs, extending the lifespan of your HVAC as well as your duct system. Clean ducts work better, reducing the stress on the air conditioner overall.

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