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When it comes to beating the heat and humidity of the day, a new and improved air conditioning system can work wonders. If you are still using a dingy and outdated AC unit in your home, then it is time to consider getting it replaced. Controlled Air Plumbing • Heating • Cooling offers professional AC installation services in Farmington, Rosemount, Apple Valley, Minneapolis, and beyond, that will make your whole family happy – and your pocketbook, too!

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How To Choose An Air Conditioner

There are a variety of air conditioning systems out there on the market, including the ever-popular Trane brand. Picking the right system is not as easy as picking something out of a catalogue, though. To help make certain you are happy with your newly installed air conditioning unit, whether it is the first one for your property or a replacement, our Farmington AC installation technicians would be happy to discuss several considerations with you beforehand.

When Choosing A New AC Unit For Your Home, You Should Consider:

  • Size of your home
  • Size of your family
  • Temperature preferences and variances
  • How often your home is empty of all pets and people
  • Average climate of your part of town
  • Desired monthly electricity bill

When To Replace An Air Conditioner

If you require frequent AC repair or your system is old, it may be more cost-efficient to invest in a new unit. Replacing an older unit has a list of pros, such as getting a newer warranty, providing more efficiency in terms of energy, and the parts will be new.

Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

  • How old is the air conditioner? Experts often state that if an air conditioner is over the age of fifteen, it is time to consider a replacement. Since older models often aren’t as efficient, energy bills can quickly pile up. By purchasing a newer unit, such as one that provides geothermal heating and cooling, owners can often see a 20% difference in their energy bills.
  • Is the thermostat working properly? Homes without programmable thermostats often find that the AC will have to work twice as hard since they aren’t turned off during inactive times. If you are finding that a room isn’t what it should be in terms of cooler temperatures, the compressor within the unit could be going bad. You should also check for dust in the air as older units can push dust through the vents. If this is the case, an air cleaner may be required to keep the air around you healthy.
  • What is the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) number? AC units today often require a minimum rating of at least a 13, so if the number is below a 10 it’s probably time to consider a replacement. This could amount in bigger savings throughout the year.

Replacing an older air conditioning system can often have many benefits. AC repairs can be expensive, but by replacing the system today you can save more money down the road.

Helping With All Your AC Installation Needs In Eagan & the Minneapolis South Metro Region

No matter what type of air conditioner you choose, you can rest easy knowing that our air conditioning company offers the industry skills and knowledge needed to get it installed. Before another week goes by and you are feeling uncomfortable in your home due to high temperatures and sticky humidity, give us a call.

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