programmable thermostat


Programmable thermostat benefits can help save you money in the long run. Keeping your home at the same temperature when no one is home takes a good deal more energy than adjusting it for your absences or when you are sleeping. HVAC systems can cool or heat your home to your comfort level before you return or rise in the mornings.

Temperature adjustments

Remembering to adjust your thermostat day and night adds another task to your schedule and other times. Turning the thermostat down at night will trigger the coil, increasing heating costs. This special heat pump thermostat saves energy because it overrides the coil and turns the pump on throughout the night whenever temperatures get too low for the heat pump to recover without using the coil. This way your home can be adjust for the correct temperature if you are home or away.

Flexible scheduling

You can choose among three different types of programmable thermostats that can be adjusted to your schedule. The first kind is the 7-day thermostat, good for households where occupants have different schedules every day. The next type is the 5-2 model, which has settings for the work week and a separate one for the weekend. The last kind is the 5-1-1 model, ideal for families who have the same weekday schedule and a different schedule for each weekend day.

Using your Smartphone

If you have a Wi-Fi thermostat or a smart model, you can change the temperature from a smart-phone. This feature lets you change the temperature remotely whenever you need to override the system. Some smart programmable thermostats allow you to lock the settings so that someone coming home unexpectedly can’t lower or raise the temperature to excessive levels. Doing so would drive up energy costs. Some models of programmable thermostats have sensors inside them that tell you when to change the filter. Changing your air filters regularly will keep your system running efficiently. Airflow slows when the filter is covered with dust. Theis makes it run longer and harder to condition your home, driving up energy bills. If you have any questions about a programmable thermostat, make sure to contact us.