When you want to keep your home comfortable and cost efficient, make sure to clean the ductwork in the home. Duct cleaning and repair can be performed by any individual, as well as regular maintenance tasks like changing filters and cleaning the outside unit. Older ductwork that may have leaky connections or tears will cause the home to decrease effectiveness. Some of the duct repairs will require assistance, though there are many visual inspections and repairs that can be completed on your own. In order to keep your air conditioner working effectively, it is important to perform these actions regularly.



One common reason that people call for assistance is that the air conditioner is not performing well. The electricity usage will go up when it is not effectively cooling the home, giving you a higher cooling bill. Cleaning the outside air conditioner condenser unit can solve some of the issues. Leaves and other types of debris can clog it, hindering the airflow. This is especially true if the unit is left uncovered during the winter and fall months. You can rake the leaves away and pick up fallen limbs from around it in order to revive the airflow. When the unit is clean, it will cool efficiently and give your home comfort during the warmer months.



Unless you are using a ductless air conditioning system to cool your home, the ducts should be inspected for damage, such as leaks, tears, kinks, or disconnection in areas. When the air is drawn into the unit through an intake duct, it is returned through an air-supply duct as cooled air. As the air is inside, it becomes dehumidified, cooled, and filtered before returning to the room. When the ducts are kinked or damaged, the unit will work a lot harder. As you are investigating for these issues, check around the registers and vents for leaks, and seal them as you go. Be sure to use a metal tape or mastic sealant and not duct tape because it isn’t as long lasting as the others are. Make sure that all of the grills and registers are firmly sealed so that air is not escaping.