As the seasons change, now is a great time to change the filter on your HVAC system. You will want to make sure that the air is always in the best condition possible for your home. If you are not sure how often to change the filter, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on when it is recommended for your home and HVAC system.


For your typical 1″-3″ air filters, the manufacturer specs basically say to change them bi-monthly, which is in fact a great rule of thumb. However, general guidelines are not applicable to all. If you have to tolerate light to moderate allergies, you may need to upgrade the air filter or change them even more regularly than OEM specifications. On the other hand, if you’re in a remote area, own a infrequently occupied home (like a vacation home) or an area where there are fewer cars around, replacing your air filters each year may be quite sufficient. Having pets in your home is also a consideration for when you should change the filter. They have a tendency to shed, which can clog your air filter fast. Clearly, the air filter is just doing its job by capturing pet hair and dander, but tremendously dirty filters can cause weak HVAC performance.

Also remember to never operate the HVAC system without a filter installed. This can cause the moving parts to wear against one another and cause extra stress to the system. The dirt and dust that may be in the air, will not be captured by the filter in the system, since it is removed. It can also cause premature breakdowns of the system. If you ever notice anything out of the norm with your system, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the system and filter for you.