As spring arrives, now is the time to inspect your HVAC system and air conditioner for any sign of a potential issue. By having the air conditioner inspected, you can help to save issues in the long run. If you are not sure how often to inspect the air conditioner, make sure to contact us and we can advise you on a schedule.

Hidden Allergens

If you are sensitive to mold, dust or other airborne materials, then you may be surprised to discover that they may be hiding in your HVAC equipment. Your air filter plays a minor role in trapping these materials, but particles still make their way past it. As they settle on the coils in the unit, they combine with moisture in the area. A layer of grime can develop, and it will take more than a feather duster to get rid of it. This is a prime breeding spot for mold and bacteria, and left untouched, this dirt can continue to contaminate your air supply summer after summer.

Some particles continue along to your ducts. If you have never had duct cleaning performed on your system, you can expect equally dirty conditions. Additionally, ducts can provide harbor to insects, dust mites and rodents when your central heating and cooling system isn’t in use. Dander, droppings and dead insects may be contaminating your air supply, as well.


Some homeowners view HVAC maintenance as a needless expense. Those who can afford to spend 50 percent or more extra on cooling costs may not care. However, budget-minded consumers should note that various elements of this spring cleaning task can contribute to better system performance, resulting in more controlled energy costs. The layer on your indoor coils and dirt on your outside coils can represent approximately 30 percent of a cooling bill in an extreme case. Blockages and leaks in your ducts can add 20 percent or more to your energy usage. Low refrigerant may result in another 20 percent or more in cooling energy required to keep your home comfortable.


If you notice an issue between regular maintenance inspections, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the air conditioner and other parts for you. This can help you to have an efficient unit when you will need it to work this summer. Having regular inspections can also prolong the life of it, as well as saving you on costly repair bills in the future.