Rarely will your furnace fail you when you really need it. It is not equipment that immediately stops working. Instead it gives the owner signs that it is in trouble. Here are some signs that you should be aware of. This can provide you with a good indication that a new furnace may be needed.

A furnace is a gas-burning appliance that is powered by electricity, and enables the furnace to work. If it does not produce any heat then it is definitely not in proper condition. Switch on your furnace and see it is working. If the power is on and the furnace seems not to produce some heat, then problem lies with the furnace. Immediately cut the power and not tamper with the furnace. Do not make assumptions, be careful and call us to check out the problem.

Normally a furnace should only run when in use and remain firm when not in use. When your furnace begins to make constant cycles on and off, this is a sign that there is a problem. The thermostat is the part that is responsible for the running of a furnace. It contains a bunch of temperature sensitive switches that open and close enabling the heating and cooling of a room. If you have set your thermostat to produce certain temperatures and the room seems to be the same, then your stat has malfunctioned. Also when unnecessary runs occur, check your thermostat. Switch the furnace off and call a professional to check the thermostat. Usually thermostats can be replaced since they are not too costly. It is therefore good to buy a new thermostat to enable the furnace work efficiently. Another key thing that could contribute to the furnace running constantly is as a result of unnecessary poor air seal in the house. Ensure you keep note and seal this air loops.

When the furnace produces favorable temperatures, the air filter removes any obstacle in the way. Usually after sometime it will contain dust, dirt and unnecessary objects. This debris is what makes it clog. Under these conditions, the air filter will not work properly as before.  Clean the air filter or simply replace it with a new one.

It is normal for any electronic equipment to produce a dusty odor once is switched on. But after sometime, the equipment gains momentum and gets rid of the odor. When you switch on your furnace, it is possible that it will produce a dusty odor too. However, after sometime and the smell persist, switch it off and check it out. Perhaps the furnace could be slowly burning without your knowledge.

A furnace in good condition runs quietly. If there is any noise it should be from the radiator systems but not a banging one. When you begin to notice screeching and banging sounds from the furnaces, begin to call for repairs. This can also help you to save stress in the long run.