Now is the time of year to make sure the air conditioner is working properly. We can inspect the air conditioner, including parts and components. By doing so, it will work efficiently when you will need it to. One part that should be checked is the exterior condenser unit is the large box located on the side of the building that is designed to push heat from the inside of the building to the outdoors. Inside of the box are coils of pipe that are surrounded by thousands of thin metal fins that allow the coils more surface area to exchange heat.


The condensate drain lines should also be inspected. Over time, they collect condensed water and drain it away from the unit.  They are located on the side of the inside fan unit. Sometimes there are two drain lines. This includes a primary drain line that is built into the unit, and a secondary drain line that can drain if the first line becomes blocked. Inspect the drain line for obstructions, such as algae and debris. If the line becomes blocked, water will back up into the drain pan and overflow, potentially causing safety hazards or water damage to your home.


It is always recommended to clean the filter on the air conditioner. Air filters remove pollen, dust, and other particles that would otherwise circulate indoors. They slide into the main ductwork near the inside fan unit. The filter should be periodically washed or replaced, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. A dirty air filter will not only degrade indoor air quality, but it will also strain the motor to work harder to move air through it, increasing energy costs and reducing energy efficiency. If you are not sure how often to change the air filter, make sure to contact us and we can recommend a schedule based on your home and lifestyle.